Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Late Of The Pier Tour Blog: Sheffield to Glasgow, Sunday 8th Feb

I’m on the train to Glasgow now, well, Glasgow via York. Although this is the furthest gig away from home that I’ll have to shoot, I’m less phased as I was when leaving Roehampton yesterday.

I realized just how much I had under-planned when I reached the Leadmill in Sheffield. Prior to the trip, I’d arranged all details, schedules and project logistics with Alun from supervision management, however Rob Howard’s responsible for everything on this tour.

He knew bits and bops about the project but didn’t know the full story, call it miscommunication, eh? It was all sorted out within those five minutes however. Rob and I agreed that the main concern was to maintain the bands privacy. I insisted that I wasn’t a pervasive photographer and handed Rob my Polaroid 635 Supercolor and some instant films to pass onto the band, so they could begin to document life on the road with whatever subject matter they chose. Rob gave me my AAA for the night along with a pocket sized tour guide which detailed traveling times, stage times and sound checks for each part of the tour so I know what’s happening and when during the tour.

I stayed in the photo-pit for the majority of the night, even between bands. It was really surreal being alone at a gig for the first time ever, even when shooting in the past Ive always had my brother there with me, failing that, a really close friend. It’s kind of a sign of how new and fresh this is to me. I had fun in the pit though, there’s that tension between the artist and his audience, who in this case idolized those four boys onstage. Being sandwiched so much made me feel so close to the music. I actually shot alongside a past Yorkshire photographer of the year, although I cant quite place his name now. I felt for him when he was pushed out after 3 songs, but I realized just how many strings were pulled for me tonight alone! Here’s to Glasgow and the rest!

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